Assessment of water related issues not only requires experience but appropriate technical analysis that underpins the advice provided to our clients. We believe that without technical excellence the value of advice can be compromised to the detriment of the project outcomes.

HydroStorm Consulting is a specialist consulting firm that maintains high standards in technical excellence and uses state-of-the-art technology to support its advice to its clients. Ranging from use of industry standard software to knowledge of standard industry practices and participation in the industry activities such as conferences and seminars, at HydroStorm we pride ourselves in achieving technical excellence for our clients.

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Expertise

Underlying all analysis of water issues are the concepts related to hydrologic and hydraulic aspects of the water system. A deep understanding of the principles of hydrology and hydraulics is a basic requirement for analysing water issues. The key staff at HydroStorm has more than 22 years of experience in this area and has been responsible for innovation in the industry knowledge of hydrologic and hydraulic sciences.