New developments or significant extensions to the developments require provision of On-Site Stormwater Detention (OSD) systems, which are required by a number of Councils to minimise impact of the development on the downstream environment.

Each development site presents its own challenges in terms of provision of the OSD and usually a mix of above and below ground storages is required to fulfil the requirements of an OSD.  HydroStorm Consulting can assist in identifying the OSD solution for a given site and undertake more advanced hydrological analysis to try to minimise the OSD storage requirements.
We can assist our clients with:

  • Identifying storage areas on site that satisfy OSD requirements
  • Undertake advanced hydrological modelling to minimise the storage requirements where feasible
  • Complete design of an OSD system to Council requirements
  • Liaison with Council
  • Supporting DA process through meetings and appropriate reporting