HydroStorm Consulting is a specialist water consultancy that provides advice in the analysis, design and management of water systems. We provide services in flood risk assessment and management, stormwater management and design, development impact assessment, overland flow assessment, drainage design and on-site detention system investigation and design. In addition, we provide services in Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), environmental impact assessment, erosion and sediment control design.

Customer Service and Technical Excellence are our core values and our relationship with our clients is driven by these values. We believe in extensive liaison with our clients in order to fully understand the needs of their project, respond to its changing needs and provide update on its progress.

Our Technical Excellence is driven by our in-depth knowledge of the hydrologic and hydraulic sciences that underpin the understanding of various water systems. We use state of the art modelling systems to undertake investigations of water systems and provide advice that is technically sound and more importantly practicable to achieve project objectives.

With our strategic alliance with industry partners, we are also able to provide services in civil design of water systems including sub-division drainage, hydraulic structures and pumping systems etc.

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